Voluntary Work

Cat Chat Newsletter

I currently have a voluntary job for a cat charity – Cat Chat. I produce a
quarterly newsletter for the organisation. I have worked for them since 2011 producing many Newsletters.

In my most recent I was briefed to change the number of pages in this issue and I was given fewer categories of Cat’s in need of home. Instead I was given bigger articles and a smaller section of cats needing homes.

Previous issues had many different categories of cats needing homes.
I produced many sections for the different categories. Lots of articles were also provided for me to layout too.

Croydon Folk club Items

I have produced a number of items for Croydon Folk Music Club including
adverts, leaflets and event posters.  

Croydon Folk Shakespeare Night Poster

I’ve also produced a website for Croydon Folk club. My first site was produced using Dreamweaver.

Croydon Folk Club

I have recently been asked to produce a new site which is easier for other
people who run the club to edit it. I have produced this using WordPress.



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