Balfour Beatty

I did a temporary job at Balfour Beatty in the Marketing Department. I did a lot of revisions to existing artwork. I also produced some marketing materials from new. I followed the Balfour Beatty corporate guidelines to ensure I got the
materials right.

Employee Survey

I was given the brief of producing an Employee Survey publication. This included text and Excel graphs to layout, for this I used Pagemaker. I also produced the photo montage on the cover using Photoshop.


Balfour Beatty Magazine Advert



At A Glance

This is another publication that I did the artwork for. I colour coded each
section in the publication.

BB-At a Glance



I did the artwork to enable it to be folded to A6 size and easy to carry around.



Graduate Recruitment Leaflet.

I was asked to design a new leaflet using the corporate colours. There were a few new ones so I used the purple colour in 2 different shades.

BB Graduate recruitment